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Modular Gulp, my way

A lot of people currently using task managers like Gulp. Most of them are confronted with the same problem of a huge gulpfile.js. I had the same problem and started searching for a solution. After a not so long search… Read more

Beat the sound module (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of the beat the sound module post. In the first post we took a look at creating the context, getting your sound, creating a buffer and play the sound. This part we will take a look at adding effects and panning. The result will be a sound module which you can use for man… Read more

Dynamic Appcache

It’s been a while, but I’m still alive. For my yob I had to create a webapp which also had to be fully working without network. To manage this, within HTML5 there’s the great appcache. For the app I was working on there were some challenges with some form of dynamic content like images an… Read more

Fix cache problem Jasmine tests with Gulp

For my normal job I use Codekit. But after reading some positive things about Gulp I got curious about the things it can and can’t do for me. So I decided to try it, and made me a small test-project to figure some things out. I’ve added some scss files to i… Read more

Labels vs. placeholders

As we all know there are some discussions about using placeholders instead of labels. We also know that only using placeholders can make a form pretty slick, especially on mobile devices. The downside is the usablity of the form, which decreases enormously. Beside that there are some diff… Read more